Meet David & Brandy Von Holten

David Von Holten, is the 4th generation to purchase his family's farm in Mora, Missouri.  He and his wife, Brandy, turned the farm into a horse trail riding facility and wedding venue.  David did not come from money and had to figure everything out for himself.  At the age of 22, he built his first home.  Since then, he has built two other residences, a cabin, a boarding barn, and numerous out buildings and shops.  

Brandy was a school teacher for over a decade.  David found himself involved with Brandy's teaching career on numerous levels from judging a talent show, fixing classroom tables, helping hang decorations, to putting together simple machines.  

Now, at the horse trail riding facility, David and Brandy host numerous kids day camps.  It was at that time David realized there was a need to teach woodshop.  This is the beginning of "Building with David".  David is also available for custom wood furniture!

Our Mission & Vision


Building with David is an online wood shop course designed for  all ages that make learning accessible through at-home instructional videos that can be easily integrated into private or public schools.  All wooden or cut materials are conveniently mailed to builders.  Projects are divided into levels that increase in difficulty and curriculum is written by a conservative certified teacher. 

Building with David allows students to gain wood shop skills from a knowledgable source to build useful projects while building independent learners.

Builders are able to learn large construction skills through small projects.  

Building with David wants to help nurture today's youth into self-sufficient adults of tomorrow.


To become a USA leader in providing an alternative learning environment in the field of wood shop for homeschool, private school, public school, and individuals.

Our Core Values

Strong Work Ethic



Tenacious Spirit

High Standard Quality

Wood Shop Projects

To take a piece of wood and transform it into a usable project while teaching skills that will last a lifetime brings a great deal of pride and responsibility.  It is our hope that every child or  adult that builds with David will gain the confidence and knowledge needed to gain back part of their independence by being able to do task for themselves.  

Are You Ready to Transform That Piece of Wood Into A Better Future?

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