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 Large Construction Skills Learned
Through Small Projects for Today's Learners

Woodworking is a lifelong skill and a valuable hobby.  When introduced early in life, children of all ages can benefit from building confidence and growing their understanding of basic woodworking skills.

Whether you're a school administrator, teacher, parent, or grandparent... we have simple and easy to follow wood projects to introduce your child/children to the world of woodworking.

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Learn About the Included Curriculum

Meet the teacher behind the curriculum in these courses, Brandy Von Holten. She is a conservative dual-certified teacher with over a decade of experience. The curriculum included in this program is not just wood shop.

We have included topics on science, math, history, reading comprehension, music appreciation, and guided research projects. 

Give your child the gift of a new skill to last a lifetime!

  • Building small wood projects can help children develop a sense of accomplishment and boost their confidence as they see their creations take shape!
  • Your child will practice following instructions, using basic tools safely and accurately, and apply problem-solving skills to complete a project.
  • Woodworking can be a new hobby for your child to explore, helping them discover their interests and passions.
  • Woodworking is a hands-on activity that can help children disconnect from technology, reducing their screen time and giving them a break from cell phones and video games.
  • By completing a woodworking project, children can develop a sense of pride and ownership over something they have made, and it can be a lasting reminder of their achievements.

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Level 1 Projects

Level 1 Bundle

$169 USD


Wooden Bank Project

$63 USD

Ready to Build with Confidence?

American Flag Clipboard

$63 USD

Let's Build a Clipboard!

Tablet/Book Holder Project

$63 USD

Build a Tablet/Book Holder

Level 2 Projects

Level 2 Bundle

$226 USD

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Toolbox Project

$82 USD

Start the Toolbox Project

Birdhouse Project

$82 USD

Build a Birdhouse

Stool Project

$82 USD

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