Homesteading Garden Bed Covers Instructions, Kits, or Built for You

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Garden Bed Cover

What I am able to do, I view as normal.  I forget that others are not able to build.  Building has always come second nature to me.  I was primarily raised by my mother and later my mother and stepfather.  We never went without, but we never had a lot of money.  When I moved out, I was like most people in their twenties, no money.  I hated the concept of renting, so I had decided to build a home.  It wasn’t until later in life that I realized that having the mental decision to and going through with building a home is not common knowledge.  Here’s the thing, it wasn’t common knowledge to me, either.  I made mistakes and I still make mistakes.  But from those mistakes, I learned how to build.  More importantly, I learned how to problem solve. 

As my wife and I have decided to open our ranch up to the public to teach homesteading classes, I now find myself in problem solving mode once again.  Homesteading is all about being self-sufficient.  Part of being self-sufficient is being able to build the structures needed for the needs you have in your homesteading. 

Homesteading is such a general term, which leaves it wide open for everyone.  Building boxes to hold your canned foods in your pantry, building garden beds, building green house covers for your garden beds, building a chicken coop, to building fence. 

Where I have found myself in the homesteading world with so many different levels of builders is in helping others help themselves.   Ranging from not knowing tool names, to able to put a kit together, to having built useable structures.  I have three different ways in which people can get products: 

  1. A materials list with written instructions plus a building video
  2. All the products delivered with written instructions plus a building video
  3. Finished product

My first homesteading project is a greenhouse cover that fits on top of a garden bed made from blocks.  This is a design that I created myself. 

This homesteading project will be available February 10, 2024 on my website

If you are interested in homesteading, please visit

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